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FROM BITTER TO BROWN ALE, from pils to porter, from Gose to Guinness: beer is brewed and enjoyed in almost every country on earth. It all began as an accident involving fermented bread 8000 years ago, but it quickly evolved into the “art of brewing”. In the third millennium BC, half of the grain harvested by the Samarians was being transformed into malt and turned into beer. Because the beverage did not travel well over long distances, small breweries sprang up everywhere. Eventually, the recipe was brought to Central Europe by the Greeks and Romans. Pils beer still makes up a large proportion of the 1.96 billion hectolitres of beer produced each year worldwide. The largest amount is produced in China, whereas the largest quantities are consumed in Europe. Beer fans the world over look forward to ‘International Beer Day’ on the first Friday of August, when they enjoy the beverage together and celebrate its producers.

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